Daly Collection

The Daly Collection was found in a cupboard by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daly while renovating their cottage in the Laurentians.  They donated this collection of 108 original photographs dating between 1893 and 1901 to the SD & G Historical Society in 1976 providing us with an invaluable glimpse of late Victorian Cornwall.

94-10.110_Daily Coll_39 Dr. McNich Manse_web
94-10.109_Daily Coll_108 Canada Cotton Mill Weave Shed_web
94-10.108_Daily Coll_107 Canada Cotton Mill_web
94-10.107_Daily Coll_106 Craigs Trotters Stables_web
94-10.106_Daily Coll_105 Craigs Trotters_web
94-10.105_Daily Coll_104 Mack's Flour Mills_web
94-10.104_Daily Coll_103 Hodges Flour Mills_web
94-10.103_Daily Coll_102 Donihees Meat Market_web
94-10.102_Daily Coll_101 Smallpox Hospital_web
94-10.101_Daily Coll_100 Williamstown Hotel_web
94-10.93_Daily Coll_38 Weber Residence_web
94-10.76_Daily Coll_75 Str. Ocean_web 94-10.75_Daily Coll_74 A. A. Ross Residence_web
94-10.74_Daily Coll_73 Str Ladysmith_web
94-10.64_Daily Coll_60 Toronto Paper Mill_web
94-10.63_Daily Coll_59 Toronto Paper Mill_web
94-10.62_Daily Coll_58 The Albraith M_web
94-10.61_Daily Coll_57 R. Craig and Residence_web
94-10.60_Daily Coll_56 Wreck Str. Ocean_web
94-10.59_Daily Coll_55 Wreck Str. Ocean_web
94-10.58_Daily Coll_54 Str. Mona_web 94-10.57_Daily Coll_53 Old NY Railway Bridge_web
94-10.56_Daily Coll_52 Colquhoun Residence_web
94-10.55_Daily Coll_51 Snetsinger Block_web
94-10.54_Daily Coll_50 J Nugent Residence_web
94-10.53_Daily Coll_49 Cedar Brai_D.M._web
94-10.52_Daily Coll_48 D.J. McDonald Store_web
94-10.51_Daily Coll_47 Stormont Mill_web

Colquhoun Block - S.W. corner Pitt St at 2nd St W

Colquhoun Block – S.W. corner Pitt St at 2nd St W

94-10.49_Daily Coll_45 N. Dr. McDonald_web 94-10.48_Daily Coll_44 Public School_web 94-10.47_Daily Coll_43 High School_web 94-10.46_Daily Coll_42 J.A. McDougald Residence_web 94-10.45_Daily Coll_41 Stone House Point_web 94-10.44_Daily Coll_40 Donihee Meat Market_web 94-10.42_Daily Coll_37 McArthur Store_web 94-10.41_Daily Coll_36 Trinity Church_web 94-10.40_Daily Coll_35 Ontario Bank_web 94-10.39_Daily Coll_34 St Johns Presb new 2nd church_web 94-10.38_Daily Coll_33 St Johns Presb former church_web 94-10.37_Daily Coll_28 Cloverdale Farm_web 94-10.36_Daily Coll_27 Woolen Mill_web 94-10.35_Daily Coll_26 General Hospital_web 94-10.34_Daily Coll_25 Cornwall Lacrosse Club_web 94-10.33_Daily Coll_24 Pitt Street from Canal_web 94-10.32_Daily Coll_23 J.B. Atchison Residence_web 94-10.31_Daily Coll_22 C.J. Mattice Residence_web 94-10.30_Daily Coll_21 Ross' Saw Mill_web 94-10.29_Daily Coll_16 Bird's Eye View Cornwall_web 94-10.28_Daily Coll_15 Bird's Eye View Cornwall_web 94-10.27_Daily Coll_14 Judge McLean's Name Plate_web 94-10.26_Daily Coll_13 Bird's Eye View Cornwall_web

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