SUMMER STUDENTS – must be returning to University or College in the Autumn

Museum studies, history, English, journalism, social studies or geography students are invited to apply for a summer job as

Media Conservator/Exhibitor
Students who will be attending post-secondary (college or university) full-time in September are invited to apply for a summer job to digitize and promote an interesting array of historic slides, negatives, 8mm film and directories for an expanded in-house research facility in the Archives of the Cornwall Community Museum. Training and guidance will be provided for this 30 hour/week, 12 week placement. Rate of pay is $14.50/hour. Hours/days of work are somewhat flexible at this juncture since the Museum is not open to the public. Social distancing practices are in-effect.

Applications must be made through the Young Canada Works website: NOW!

Once registered for Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations, locate the job title Media Conservator/Exhibitor at this Museum and complete the application. If clarification on how to apply is needed, contact .

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