SUMMER STUDENTS – must be returning to University or College in the Autumn

Museum studies, history, English, journalism, social studies or geography students are invited to apply for a summer job to create the CORNWALL Health Care timeline for social and print media, and to create a museum exhibit at the Cornwall Community Museum, Thursdays to Mondays, 10 am to 4 pm.

Apply to the manager of the Cornwall Community Museum & Archives in the Wood House, Cornwall Ontario, by email only: ​
Permanent hospitals in Cornwall and area came into being in 1897 when, not one, but two hospitals, the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) and the Cornwall General Hospital (CGH), opened their doors to a growing urban, industrial community. Prior to that time, the community benefitted from a few temporary hospitals, such as those created during infectious outbreaks.​​​
1914 brought the official opening of the Colquhoun Memorial Home for Nurses, which also served as a base of operation for nursing training at the CGH (1899-1969 for Registered Nurses and 1968-1989 for RNAs). The HDH also operated its own school of nursing.​​​
Provincial changes resulted in the transition of hospital-based schools of nursing to regional schools and ultimately to incorporation into colleges and universities. As the CGH School of Nursing was winding down, a training centre for the Registered Nursing Assistants was created at the hospital; ultimately that training would shift to the community college and the graduates became Registered Practical Nurses.​​​
Both hospitals experienced a series of expansions over the years. The two hospitals ultimately consolidated under the banner of the Cornwall Community Hospital at the second site of the former Hotel Dieu Hospital. A small tribute to the HDH school of nursing graces the halls of the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre on the site of the original HDH.​​​
Some alumni and friends of the Cornwall General Hospital and its school of Nursing are in the final stages of creating a permanent tribute on the site of the former hospital, now operating as The Care Centre, a facility that offers affordable seniors’ housing and space for a variety of community groups.​​​
The summer of 2019 will witness the 50th anniversary of the final graduating class of nurses from both the St. Joseph’s (Hotel Dieu) and Cornwall General Hospital School of Nursing. The Nurses’ alumni will hold their annual banquets, overlapping with the final (50th) Reunion of the final graduating class. Local media has been helping to build community enthusiasm to celebrate that historic milestone. ​​​
The SD&G Historical Society possesses a large and growing collection of artifacts and documents pertaining to these two hospitals.​​​
Student 1​​​
To produce an illustrated timeline of Cornwall, Ontario, as pertaining to the evolution of temporary, then permanent hospitals. The end product will appear online and in print form, making it freely accessible by the community.​​​
Student 2​​​
To produce an illustrated timeline of the HDH and CGH schools of nursing as well as significant local retail pharmacies. The end product will appear online and in print form, making it freely accessible by the community.​​​

1.) The creation of the timelines for free public usage. 2.) The creation of the museum exhibit. 3.) To share this work with the local community and others having access to the Internet and/or social media. 4.) To provide a more accurate understanding of the historic interaction and tensions between elements of the community – Anglophone/Francophone, Protestant/Catholic/other. 5.) To foster greater civic pride in our historic health services delivery.

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