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2023 SUMMER STUDENTS – must be entering or returning to University or College in the Autumn of 2023

Museum studies, current affairs, history, English, geography, archaeology, graphic design, records management, library science, journalism, media relations or other students are invited to apply for a summer job as

Media Conservator (Newspaper Image Digitizer) – 2 jobs – FUNDING APPROVED – APPLY NOW
Students who will be attending post-secondary (college or university) full-time in September 2023 are invited to apply for a summer job to digitize and promote an interesting array of historic newspaper negatives (35mm, medium format, large format) for an expanded in-house research facility in the Archives of the Cornwall Community Museum. Training and guidance will be provided for this 35 hour/week, 16 week placement. Rate of pay is $16.50/hour. Days of work are Tuesday to Saturday. Social distancing practices are in-effect.

Applications must be made through the Young Canada Works website: . APPLY NOW!

Once registered for Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations, locate the job title Media Conservator (Newspaper Image Digitizer) at this Museum and complete the application or simply use this LINK to view the job. If clarification on how to apply is needed, contact .



Two successful bilingual (English & French) summer students will be responsible for delivering two distinct guided tours to visitors and residents of the community interested in learning about Cornwall’s history. Tour 1 will take place inside the Cornwall Community Museum while Tour 2 will take place along the waterfront. The applicants will alternate between the roles according to demand. The Guides will be trained to accompany and explain to Museum visitors the diverse and interesting exhibits which cover aspects of local history. A standard workday is 7.25 hours at a rate of $16.50/hr; the workweek is 5 days, including weekends. The jobs are open to students between the ages of 15 and 25, now in school and returning to school next term. Male and female applicants are welcome as are new and lifelong residents of the area. Applicants are invited to send a resume to Don Smith, Curator/Manager at .



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