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Today South Branch no longer exists as a community, but the City of Cornwall northern perimeter road east of Pitt Street is named after it. South Branch was between Eamer’s Corners and Grant’s Corners and today straddles Cornwall and South Stormont.


S.S. #10 School was constructed in 1924 and closed in 1968.

S.S. #10 School (also known as South Branch School and some called it Grant’s Corner’s School) was the area’s one room public school designed for 25 students.

S Branch School_web


S.S. #10 School is now a private residence – photo from 2005

The building still stands as a private home, having undergone a few modifications.

A grocer, P.A. McDonald, also served as Post Master. D.A. Grant sold farm implements.

Summer Heights Golf Club is situated on the former Elwyn MacLennan farm. The club was developed by Dwayne and Kenneth, grandsons of Ken Maclennan on their uncle Elwyn’s farm, which was previously owned by the Neills. MacLennans are United Empire Loyalist descendants.

Rather hidden from all but the very sharp eye is the oldest UEL Presbyterian cemetery in the area, dating back to the earliest days of settlement. Former residents of Cornwall, Martintown and Williamstown are buried there with the last burial dating to 1880.

cam-cem_marion-macleodThis worn marker is that of Marion MacLeod who died March 19, 1842 at the age of 14.

cam-cem-lt-colCemented to the back of Marion MacLeod’s tombstone is another stone commemorating the lives of Lt Col John A. Cameron (born March 3, 1778 and died January 29, 1867), his mother and father John Cameron (Clunes) and Mary Cameron.

Loyalist John Cameron and his son Alexander served as operatives in a British spy network and were subsequently granted 200-acre Lot 6, 4th Concession. John received the lot’s west half and  Alex  the east half. The cemetery sits on part of their land grant.

Situated along the edge of Grant’s Quarry (east side of McConnell Avenue extension / Cty Rd 42 a bit south of the Headline Road) the old burial grounds are known by some as the Cameron Cemetery and as the South Branch Cemetery by others. The GPS coordinates are 45.078119,-74.756107. The cemetery is listed on the GenWeb Cemetery Project at this LINK .

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