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Respecting the need for “social distancing” and to maximize everyone’s safety (COVID-19), the Museum hopes to resume limited public hours in July.
For the month of July:
Thursdays – Research by appointment
Saturday & Sunday – Guided Public Tours (appointment recommended)
For the month of August:
Thursdays – Research by appointment
Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Guided Public Tours (appointment recommended)
Inquiries: or 613-936-0280.
As of January 5, 2020 the Museum will resume being open for public visitation from 12 p.m. until 3:00 p.m., Wednesday to Friday each week.
As of April 5, 2020 the Museum will have regular hours for public visitation from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Thursday to Monday each week. It is anticipated that abbreviated tours will be possible at other times during the summer months via the staff of the Visitor Centre located inside the Museum.
As of October 18, 2020 the Museum will have regular hours for public visitation from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Sunday to Thursday each week.
As of December 16, 2020 public visitation at the Museum will be suspended until the new year.
Admission is free.  Cash donations are vital to our operation and are gratefully accepted.
Photocopies are available for 25 cents per page. Scans of photographs are $6 each.
We also have books, including a history of the Wood family and Mary Mack, for sale.
For general information on Genealogical Research, please see our page.

To set up a group tour or to request more information, contact the Cornwall Community Museum at:  (613) 936-0280 or e-mail the Manager/Associate Curator, Don Smith: .
We were very pleased to have had the City of Cornwall’s new Tourism Visitor Centre sharing space with us during the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Due to COVID-19, the Visitor Centre will not open in 2020. The Visitor Centre typically relocates to the Economic Development Office at the Civic Complex for the winter months. We look forward to their return in 2021, with official opening planned for May, in time for the Victoria Day weekend.
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We are located at 160 Water St W

The museum is barrier-free accessible. A handicap lift is available to access the Archives.


  1. Hi I got a question on my page and maybe you could help me.
    Who was the mayor 1939?

  2. good question. the site is more or less done on a volunteer basis, so if you know anyone who would like to volunteer, let me know!

  3. It is a real shame that Cornwall has allowed the destruction of some very old and great buildings, in what they say is to improve the settings around Cornwall. Many of those old buildings would stand the test of time and look much better than what has replaced them.

    • I know I lived in Cornwall most of my life. Im living in Ingleside now and love these pictures. They remind me of when I was a child.

  4. Cornwall and area has long been the home of the Raymond family. I am looking for genealogical info re this family. Can you help me

  5. Hello,
    Starting April 1st, I see that the museum will be open Wed. – Sun, but what about the jail? What time an days are there tours of the jail? Thanks!

    • For now groups can phone to make arrangements. Public jail tours will resume for the summer soon.

  6. I recently purchased a chair at an antique store in Charlottetown P.E.I. I just turned the chair over to attach felt pads to the legs and found a label for “The McGill Limited” I was wondering if it actually is a chair from this company.

  7. I am amazed at the dedication of the volunteers and employees like Ian who give their time to make sure that Cornwalls heritage is not lost …….A giant thankyou.!!! Without you there would be little to remeber.
    I am shocked when I look at how little people know about Thomas Edison who was as prolific as Steve Jobs and is nearly forgotten. Edison turned the USA into the economy it was right up to the 1930’s from the 1860’s and most peolpe if asked would say he invented the light bulb and know little else about his inventions.

  8. Thank you for keeping me informed. Trust we are able to once again visit Corrwall for family history research. Cheers/hsw

  9. Whatever happened to Mcdonalds Inn. Did it burn down?

  10. In one of the 3 photos of the Bell girls, #36 is Blanche Bonneville in the 3rd row from the back. In the second photo she is #45. Blanche lived to be 94 years old and was known to accept/hire every girl who applied for a position-she accepted everyone even if they weren’t Bell material

  11. I understand from your website that Carleton House was built for Guy Carleton Wood. Do you have any information on him? Did he and his wife live in the house for any length of time? I’m especially interested in knowing about his wife (whose surname was ‘Davies’, I think), and where he and or his wife might be buried.

    • Thank you for your inquiry; a response has been sent to you by e-mail.

  12. We, also, would like the history of the Wood Family that lived in this house. Our ancestor Enos Wood and his wife Margaret Earmer were married in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Would love to know more about the families.
    Thank you/cheers/hsw

  13. I’m trying to get an approximate date a photo by H W Weber was taken. It’s of John McRae of the 13th concession of Indian Land, County of Glengarry. I’m thinking Weber may have taken photos in the 1860s. Any help appreciated.

    • Carol: Nice find. Weber. an American took photograph both in Massena NY and Cornwall from the 1860s to 1896. If you scan it and send it to me by e-mail I can provide you with more information. If it says CW on the back for Canada West it is before 1867.


  14. My name is Joanne Hayhurst, and I live in BC.

    I am wondering if you accept Family Genealogy Books for research. I have had a book printed (not published) with stories and lineage of my UEL ancestor, Barnabas (Hartz) Hart who was given the west half of Lot 11, Con.3 of Cornwall Twp. when he came to Canada as a United Empire Loyalists. His 100 acre farm was on the north side of the Tollgate Road, about 0.4 miles west of Pitt St. according to Patrick McNiff’s Survey of Cornwall Twp.- June, 1784. Half the book is on his lineage (my grandmother’s ancestry) and the other half on my grandfather’s ancestry which involved the Civil War and the Puritans. I will pay postage if necessary as I just would like to share my research. I had composed the book for my children and siblings and ended up with a couple of extra copies. The Hart’s and Bender’s (Barnabas Hart married Mary Bender daughter of George Bender UEL and they had large families) so I am sure the book will be of use.

    In my book are also stories and lineage of Jonas and Sarah Wood who are also my ancestors.

    Regards, Joanne Hayhurst

    • That would be lovely, Joanne. Thank you for thinking of us. We have e-mailed you.

      • Thank you. I will mail it tomorrow.

  15. Hi there, I’m a Donihee living in Vancouver, and I was thrilled to see the picture of the Donihee Meat Market, featuring my great-great-grandfather and my great-grandfather. Is there a way I could get a high-resolution copy of that photo? I would love to frame it. Thanks! Shelley

    • Thanks, Shelley. Please watch for an e-mail reply from us.

      • Thank you for your December 16/17 visit, Shelley. We’re glad that we were able to give you access to a number of relevant items and also able to connect you with a CPL Cornwall Room volunteer who accommodated you on a day that the room is usually closed.

  16. Is there any value to you the book

    • Karen: You have a very historically interesting book. There were two editions printed in softcover and one in hardcover. It seems that there may have been as many as 6,000 printed, one for every resident of Cornwall, as they are very numerous and something families held onto.

  17. Greetings, I am a genealogist researcher and was looking for information about a couple, Henry Empey and his wife Elizabeth Scutt, who lived in the area. There is an article containing a mention, of an indenture of apprenticeship,involving Henry and Elizabeth.
    I copied and placed it here:
    Cornwall Community Museum | In The Wood House at the waterfront …
    Frequently we are asked about Cornwall’s historic wind mill and whether or not it was …. Indenture of Apprenticeship Elizabeth Scutt, Phillip Empey, 1830.
    I am having difficulty brining this article up on line to read.

  18. I was able to locate the article I was searching for and quite a few others!
    Thank you so much for your dedication to preserving the history of the community!

  19. Liam, we’ve e-mailed you twice and have not received replies.

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