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Historic Cornwall – our Mayors

Cornwall Mayors (Chief Magistrates 1884-1934)
Municipal council terms in Ontario were initially only of a one year duration.
1847 George McDonnell
1848 Dr. Charles Rattray
1849-51 William Mattice
1852-54 Andrew Elliott
1855-56 Jacob Farrand Pringle
1857 William Mattice
1858-59 Dr. Charles Rattray
1860-61 Solomon Yeomans Chesley
1862-64 William Cox Allen
1865 George C. Wood
1866-70 William Cox Allen
1871 Angus Bethune
1872-73 William Cox Allen
1874 Angus Bethune
1875-76 Andrew Hodge
1877-79 Cory J. Mattice
1880 A.P. Ross
1881-83 William Colquhoun
1884 James T. Kirkpatrick
1885-86 Justice James S. Leitch (by acclamation)
1887 George McDonnell (Athol)
1888 Angus R. McLennan
1889 Dr. Charles James Hamilton
1890 Michael M. Mulhern
1891 Judge J.W. Liddell
1892 Edward O’Callahan
1893 Frank Lally
1894 Dr. Charles James Hamilton
1895 Ambrose Fitzgerald Mulhern
1896 L.A. Ross
1897-98 Ambrose Fitzgerald Mulhern
1899 Dr. D.O. Alguire
1900-01 P.E. Campbell
Council_19011902 Walter J. DeRochie (resigned January 27)
1902 Richard Larmour
1903 Dr. D.O. Alguire
1904 Angus Lalonde
1905 Gordon R. Philips
In 1906, legislation was passed which allowed municipalities to establish by by-law a two-year term for its council. Any such by-law establishing this longer term required the assent of the electors.
1906 Dr. W.B. Cavanagh

1907 Alex McCracken
1908 Walter J. DeRochie
1909 Dr. W.A. Munro
1910 Dr. P.J. Moloney
1911 Ambrose Fitzgerald Mulhern
1912 James  A. Chisholm
1913 William Pollock
1914 Donald J. Gillies
1915-16 George A. Stiles
1917 Joseph E. Chevrier
1918 P. Joe Lally
1919-20 A.C. Fetterly
1921-22 John A. Chisholm, K.C.
1923-25 Harry W. Snetsinger
1926 Dr. W.B. Cavanagh
1927 George F. Bergeron
1928 G. Neil Phillips
1929 Charles LaRose
1930-34 Aaron Horovitz
1935 W.A. Parisien
1936 Aaron Horovitz
1937 Dr. W.A. Milligan
1938 Dr. Elzear Emard
1939-43 Dr. John A. Philips

1944-46 Aaron Horovitz (by acclamation in 1946)
In 1946, the Municipal Act was amended to permit municipalities to establish a voting day between November 15 and January 2.
1947-48 Lloyd D. Gallinger
1949-56 Aaron Horovitz
1957-57 Emile Menard (died in office)
1957-60 Lloyd G. “Archie” Lavigne

1961-64 Nick Kaneb
1965-66 Dr. Elzear Emard
1967-71 Nick Kaneb
In 1969 Councils switched from two to three year terms. In 1972 the first Monday in December was fixed as the regular voting day.
1972-74 Ed Lumley
1975-85 Gerald Parisien (Our first full-time mayor)
From 1978 until 2006 the second Monday of November was the fixed voting date.
1986-88 Brian Lynch
1989-91 Phil Poirier
1992-97 Ron Martell
1998-2003 Brian Sylvester
2004-06 Phil Poirier
In 2006 Councils switched from three year to four year terms. Ontario elections are now held on the first Thursday of October.
2007- 14 Bob Kilger
2015- 2018 Leslie O’Shaughnessy
2019-Present Bernadette Clement

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