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Changes to Pitt Street North – pt 1

For those who tend to think that little ever changes in Cornwall, let’s ponder this…

Just looking at the section of Pitt Street from 11th Street to Emma/Balmoral, can you guess have many properties have experienced changes in occupancy since the 1990s?

HopesHope’s Garage on the n.w. corner of Pitt and 11th St W. has witnessed a few businesses come and go.  1100 Pitt later housed Dr. Tint, Boyer’s Signs and a renovation company.

1100 Pitt_Spine Care Plus_20170901_192513In 2017 a chiropractic office renovated the building and relocated to that 1100 Pitt Street structure.

1164 Pitt_1989-09_webMoving north along Pitt Street, in September of 1989 this craft shop occupied the main level of this building at 1164 Pitt Street. Earlier occupants included Bazinet’s Grocery and Henri Confectionery.  Subsequently a ceramics shop moved in and the siding is now grey. The plate glass window has been replaced with a lovely six light bay window.

1170 Pitt_1989_webThat same year, 1170 Pitt was home to a laundromat. The building was completely transformed and later housed a finance company and a computer store.

1180 Pitt_1989-09_webNext door at 1180 Pitt Street the car wash is now a car lot and the lot has also doubled for flower sales.

1201 Pitt_Bert R. Villeneuve Ins Agcy Inc_1989_CD ad1201 Pitt Street was home to Villeneuve Insurance when this advertisement was printed in 1989.

1274 Pitt_1989-09_webContinuing north, the strip mall at 1274 Pitt Street has experienced a complete turnover of its tenants. The computer shop was replaced by a diner. A nail studio replaced the pharmacy. A vape shop and tattoo parlor occupy the other store fronts.

1307 Pitt_1989-09_webThe service station at 1300 Pitt has been replaced by an automated car and wash and pet wash, operated by the same owner. The house was sold to Jeff Wheeler and relocated.

1310 Pitt_2018-09-04_WMIn 2019, the adjacent Guindon Glenoco building at 1310 Pitt was levelled. Follow this LINK to view our post on Glenoco.

DQ Cr_PLAcross the street, the seasonal Dairy Queen at 1307 Pitt Street was replaced by a larger, year round eat-in store. In 1955 Geoffrey McNairn opened Cornwall’s first DQ on Montreal Road east of what is now St. Lawrence College (the slab is still there.)  Soon after he opened this Pitt Street location; both stores offered take-away service without a dining area.  One week after opening, he had to order a second soft-serve machine to keep up with the demand.  Geoffrey and his wife, Ruth along with their children Bill, Lois and Judy all worked at the store, which ran from 9 a.m. until midnight.  Bill died at the age of 83 in 1995.

1331 Pitt_1989-09_webThe strip mall at 1325-1331 Pitt Street has also experienced a considerable turnover. Now known as the Pitt Street Plaza, the building is home to a walk-in clinic, connected pharmacy, as well as a florist/gift shop.

1328 Pitt_1989-09_webIn 2018 the north branch of the Bank of Montreal at 1328 Pitt, which opened there in 1962,  faded into history with the two Cornwall branches consolidating at a new site.  Prior to the bank, Henry E. Lalonde ran a hardware store at that site.

1328 Pitt_2019-02-22_CRA hearing aid centre opened there in 2019.

1410 Pitt_2018-09-04_CRThe Bill Mitchell T.V. sales and service site at 1410 Pitt is now home to a realty office.

1415_1417 Pitt_1989-09_web1415 Pitt was renumbered as 1418 Pitt and is still home to Rainbow Music, but the appearance has been altered somewhat. 1417 Pitt Street was renumbered as 1420 Pitt and has been home to several eateries (Bill’s Lunch, Wimpy’s Diner, Aldo’s Pizzeria, Pit Stop as pictured above then Cecile’s) and has reverted to a residence. Apartments A, B and C are located on the top floor. The addresses have been altered to align with the numbering system on the rest of the street. The former Cornwall Township section of the street north of Ninth Street was previously called St. Andrew’s Road.

1433 Pitt_Kanes_1961-04-12

Until 1961, 1433 Pitt was home to Kane’s Supermarket and to Cornwall Fruit Supply.

1433 Pitt_Gosselin's_20190303_154713.jpgAnother local grocer, Gosselin’s, occupied that site from 1961 until 2020; the shop offered fresh cut meats, without added colouring.

1433 Pitt_Gosselin's_20200603_192831_interiorIn June of 2020, word spread that owner George Gosselin would not be re-opening after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, rather he’d retire.

1433 Pitt_Gosselin's_20200603_192931 CR_MoiseHector Moise would be expanding his H. Moise Jr Trucking operation which had been operating next door at 1423 for several years. Moise planned to occupy part of Gosselin’s building.

1433 Pitt_Gosselin's_20200603_193026_Moise expandingPrior to the announcement, some of Moise’s heavy equipment could be seen parked behind Gosselin’s and Gosselin’s driveway to the next street had been closed off.

Cornwall Fruit Supply continues to operate on a nearby side street.

Many of the SD&G Historical Society colour photographs on this page were taken in September of 1989; the black and white photo is from 1953 and was shared on social media as was the DQ image. The more recent photographs were contributed by Don Smith.

Please see the second part of this article on the evolution of Pitt Street north, located at this LINK.

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