Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | October 4, 2015

Artifact of the Week, Cornwall Bottling Works Bottles.


A full Club Soda bottles donated to the museum from Ross Denton’s Cornwall Bottling Works, Amelia Street, Cornwall ca. 1956.


The front and back of a crown top soft drink bottle.

Founded in 1896 Cornwall Bottling Works moved to 113 Amelia Street in 1921.  In 1967 they boasted “a large modern up-to-date plant and fleet of 16 vehicles for service and delivery.  Throughout the history of the firm they have endeavoured to supply carbonated beverages of finest quality, bottled in immaculate surroundings by the most modern bottling equipment available.”

The Company became Limited in 1964.


John Denton, the Cornwall area’s first bottler of Coca Cola making a winter delivery around 1900.  The firm’s first plant was on Pitt Street across from the Town Hall.scan0006


Around 1921 the firm advertised:  Shearer & Denton.

With its growing population the bottling interests of Cornwall is a most important industry and is ably represented by the above named gentlemen who are well known to the trade in this and surrounding counties.  They are manufacturers of ginger ale, cream soda, cider and all kinds of carbonated beverages, and agents and bottlers of Coca Cola.  A leading specialty is made of Cascade ginger ale and Bromo Hygeia mineral water which have a well earned reputation throughout this section for their effervescence, purity and general excellence.  Physicians endorse the non-alcoholic beverages such as are produced by this firm, and recommend their use for convalescents, fever patients and others.  Special attention is paid to supplying private families, hotels, confectioners, socials, picnics, banquets etc…This old established business was taken over by its present proprietors, Messrs. R.A. Shearer and J.S. Denton, in July 1918.scan0007



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